As part of the Future Leaders of Hospitality Program, each ECF student is paired with a member of the board for the duration of their college education. The program provides the students with personal advice, academic assistance and access to unique job and internship opportunities during monthly in-person meetings or video chats. The ECF board is comprised of more than 20 of the top food and beverage and hospitality executives in the city.

Students also receive mentorship and guidance from the ECF staff, which oversees the academic counseling, financial distribution, etiquette and interview training and overall functionality of the foundation.

Meet our Mentors & Mentees…

Brandon Scarberry and Sean DiCicco
Rocio Vazquez and Kevin Ball
Noe Martinez and Michael Kennedy
Monica Coral and Ken Johnson
Kennedy Villegas and Martha Morales
Ashley Hassler and David Suppe
Maria Miranda and Tim Bowen
Jasmine Ramos and Kelley Jones
Geovanni Saucedo and Tim Bowen
Geovanni Saucedo and Craig Gilbert
Diego Salcedo and Marisa Martino
Mia Salomon and Ana Marie Mormando
Benjamin Sison and Michael Kennedy
Ben Sison and Linda Sim
Anna Tymoshevska and Christopher Bond
Melanie Saucedo and Marisa Martino
Candace Kozell and Mike Olsen
Mia Salomon and Craig Gilbert
Karen Nava and Ana Marie Mormando
Jordan Moore and Rene Werner
Daniela Sanchez and Kelley Jones
Beatriz Portillo-Sorrosa and Sean DiCicco
Alexandria von Mohr and David Williamson
Candace Kozell, Aily Rodriguez, and Kelley Jones
Claudia Soler and Marisa Martino
Vildan Buric and Michael Kennedy
Nachely Martinez and Luiz Oliveira